An Open Letter to the Department of Agriculture: Free the Dolphins

Posted: 23/12/2010 in Advocacy, Dolphins LOVE Freedom Mural, yeah!




Department of Agriculture


Dear Secretary Alcala,

I have been caring for dolphins and whales for the past eleven years. I have risked my life countless times trying to study and protect them. I have been threatened by people for trying to stop dynamite use for fishing and scrap metal salvaging in their known habitat. I set my personal safety aside for these creatures because in my decade old research, I learned that their primary sense is hearing, and that it is so sensitive that many dolphins have died in captivity because of noise generated by filtration systems, plus human noise when cheering and shouting.


Christmas isn't too fun with captive dolphins

From Christmas Day to January 2, Araneta Center will present captive sea animals doing tricks for our amusement, but Sir, on December 31, New Year’s Eve, Manila, as always, will be expected to produce the loudest noise and dirtiest air (pollution) of the year. I am quite scared for the dolphins in the small tank. The loud explosions from the fire crackers will be worse than dynamite fishing because they have no where to run in the pool in Araneta Center. At least in the wild, they can swim far, fast and deep, away from the damaging explosions. In Araneta Center,Cubao, the noise will bounce off the walls of this small pool and can damage their hearing. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that. Cubao, as it is now, is heavily polluted since it is the busiest hub in the country. Leave a glass of water overnight and you will see the sediments at the bottom. Imagine what the new year’s eve pollution will do to an open tank in the heart of Cubao! How will they clean it the next morning?? Your guess could be the same as mine…chlorination.

Whaleboy in action. Dolphins Love Freedom. (Anonas Ave., QC)

If the organizers really care for the dolphins, other than profiting from their circus acts, they would have thought of this when they were drafting their program for the show. Obviously, they don’t.


Please do something to help the two dolphins. President P-noy, in his inaugurals said we the people are your bosses. I won’t believe this until I sense even in a small way that this message is heard by your good office.


Thank you very much and more power to you!


A.G. Saño (aka Whaleboy)

Dolphins Love Freedom

+63919 8996008

  1. Runaholic says:


    Please do let me know how I may take part, too.

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